First Baptist Church

A place to worship God, connect with other believers, and serve in community.

We have Bible studies for all ages on Sunday mornings at 9:30am, followed by family worship at 10:30am. There are small groups meeting at various times during the week. See the left menu for more information.

Latest News and Updates

Mother’s Day

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Jessie shared a great sermon for Mother’s Day (she is my wife).  Her 4 daughters surprised her by being present for church that Sunday.  Then we shared a church brunch together.  Jared and Rebecca came later on Sunday afternoon.  Here is a photo we snapped of Jessie with all our children (and me).


Monday, May 5th, 2014

People most likely to suffer alone are those who have severed their relational connections.  I hope you are looking for a biblical perspective on establishing priorities and maintaining your relational connections.  If you are, start listening.

Christ is Risen

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

You can believe or follow anyone.  It makes sense to me to believe and follow the man who died and came back from the dead.  No one ever spoke love like him, lived service like him, died voluntarily like him, or arose victoriously from the dead like him.

We are celebrating Easter this Sunday.  We are sharing in an ecumenical service with other Hampton churches at 5;45am.  Morning worship at the church building will be at the regular time of 10:30am.

Songs of Suffering

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

The subject of suffering came up during Men’s Group recently.  We need to understand the subject and how it fits into our belief system. My own theology of suffering grew out of my heavy exposure to southern gospel music.  Some of the songs that came to mind seemed to be worthy of a sermon, and that is why I decided to share this series with my church.  These songs have run through my mind during the week as I prepared each message.  Click the Logo to go to the sermon downloads.

Happy New Year

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Happy new year is the traditional seasons greeting.  Let’s move beyond the traditional greeting and let me really encourage you.  Have a holy new year.  Have a peaceful new year.  Have a godly new year.  Seek to become better acquainted with the God who loves you this year.

The best way I know to do that is by reading the Bible daily and spending time with other believers regularly.  If you need a bible let me know.  If you need to meet other believers, come to church on Sunday at 10:30.  If you want to get to know other believers, join a small group for Bible study.  There are many available at First Baptist Church.

2014 is a new year.  It is time for a new start.  Come to Jesus for a new heart.

Christmas 2013

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Christmas is coming!

Join us for NOEL: A Christmas Program on Sunday December 15th at 10:30am.

The candlelight Christmas Eve Service will begin at 5:30 on (you guessed it) December 24.

Our Sunday worship includes Christmas carols this time of year, and if you need an infusion of CHRISTmas spirit, come sing and worship with us on Sunday morning at 10:30am.

Click the Nativity image (left)  to access two Christmas messages. Average Joe is based on Joseph the earthly father of Jesus.  I think of myself as an average joe, and I believe that God can use anyone who will obey and follow His leading.  Anyone includes you.  The Unopened Gift is about Jesus, the greatest gift ever given, that some have not yet received.

Our church family sent 37 shoe boxes out through Operation Christmas Child this year.  Last year we sent 24, so we thank God for the increase in giving.  Our food pantry prepared over 20 Thanksgiving baskets with turkeys included.  We received a generous holiday donation from the local Waste Management. We are very grateful for the food our local Hannaford store in Hampton often provides.   Our Annual Snowflake Fair raises funds used to purchase food from local grocers and the New Hampshire food bank.


Sunday, September 8th, 2013

We will host twenty four hours of continuous prayer on September 20 and 21.  Prayer at the church begins at 6PM on Friday and concludes at 6PM on Saturday.  The church will be open, and someone should be present each hour.  People are signing up for blocks of time at the church.  Feel free to stop in if you would like to pray or request that someone pray for you.

The focus on prayer also led into a series of sermons about prayer, which you can see by clicking on the PRAY icon below.

Mission Sunday

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

There were over 100 campers at the camp in Douglas this year.  It was a challenging time for our young counselors.  We are all so glad we went.  We had Mission Sunday at First Baptist Church on August 18th.  Our worship service was filled with praise, testimony, and burdens for the children that were loved, evangelized, prayed with, and continue to be prayed for.  God touched our hearts this summer.  It was a wonderful time of reflectiona and there was no need for a sermon.  Imagine that!

Mission Trip

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

A group is leaving today for our annual mission trip to Douglas, Massachusetts. Child Evangelism of Massachusetts hosts a camp for kids from the low income housing projects of Worcester.  Our volunteers and others will work as camp counselors,   kitchen staff, and construction crew.  The camp works with many children that have been blessed by Walking in Light, a ministry that works in the housing projects all year long.

We are praying for three things.

1.  The gospel will be clearly presented and understood by the campers.

2. God will give safety to campers and workers.

3.  The weather will be pleasant for all.

Revive Us

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Are we about to experience revival at First Baptist Church?  I hope and pray that we are.  Many have never experienced a church wide revival.  If God is sending a wave of his spirit, I do not want to miss it.  The church needs periods of awakening.  We can miss God’s best through lack of attention to spiritual things.
Some would say there is nothing we can due to bring about revival.  God sends revival when his people pursue Him passionately.  When God’s people forsake sin, seek His face, and humbly pray, then God hears, forgives, cleanses, and revive his people.  A revived church shares God’s burden for the lost.
Our loving gracious heavenly father is ready to send revival.  Are we ready to receive it?